Roz Huber

Roz Huber loves to move. True connection lights up her soul. She teaches yoga at Moksha Yoga Kelowna and will hug you if you let her. She runs her own personal training business in Kelowna + cold red wine is her favourite on friday nights. She co-leads a free weekly outdoor workout called November Project Kelowna and believes the best late night snack is peanut butter & homemade jam on toast. When she found her love for basketball back in grade school, she also found an appreciation for a good sense of humour from her teachers and coaches. Her passion for health and wellness was fostered through university as a varsity athlete and this is when yoga made it’s way into her life. From then on, She knew it would be a forever love. Roz has a unique way of leading a yoga practice that will offer you a smile even through the tough stuff. “The one way I know this yoga practice works for sure: smiling & sweating go hand-in-hand.” We can’t wait for you to meet Roz Huber!

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